Replacement pen-probe for Kee gold tester
Replacement pen-probe for Kee gold tester
Replacement pen-probe for Kee gold tester
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Replacement pen-probe for Kee gold tester

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Pickup available from Quicktest (WD18 8JA)
Email us or call on 01923-220206 for appointment.


Replacement pen-probe for KEE gold tester (model M-509GM).


When you calibrate a KEE tester, there eventually comes a time when you simply can't turn the calibration knob far enough to get the correct reading. This does not mean the tester is broken, it means you need a new pen-probe.

A pen-probe is guaranteed for one month (see "Guarantee").


Probes (pens) are guaranteed for one month.  A pen-probe is like a felt pen, if you don't replace the cap firmly it dries out. The manufacturers say it will give "up to a few thousand tests" (which could mean any number less than 1000). They also say it should be replaced after a year (a year from the date on its sticker).

Although our survey (see comments from customers below) indicates that a pen-probe should last between 3 and 18 months, we know that some customers are still using them after 2 years; we know that some customers need a new probe after 6 weeks.

Our guarantee is for one month from the date of purchase (invoice date) providing:

  • it is still wet and not dried out.
  • it is 'clean' and not dirty with contamination or squished out of shape (when testing, be gentle!)

The guarantee is for one month, irrespective of its condition or how many times it has been used. 

Comments from customers: 

  • The KEE tests on average about 40 items a day and lasts about 6 months, 5000 tests. The solution in the probe outlasts the tip which becomes soiled from testing scrap. We replace the probe when reliability drifts and more regular calibration is required with our 18ct control sample.

  • We get around 3 months and test around 10 times a day, often 15 times a day. Overall we think they last well. 
  • Our probe only lasted 3 months, we are very disappointed.
  • It's variable, some probes last approximately 12- 18 months each (about 2000 tests) and some  9 - 12 months (about 1000 tests). 

  • The probes seem to last us at least a year, I would say that it was at least 200 individual tests, and perhaps even up to 400 tests over that period. 
  • Sometimes a probe lasts a few months but sometimes only a few weeks.

Shelf life v. Guarantee: 

  • Although the manufacturers recommend you change it after a year, if it's still working, it's fine. Providing you are still able to calibrated the tester, you will get accurate results.
  • We put a date (month/year) on each pen-probe. This is the date WE took delivery, it is to show when the pen-probe is getting to be a year old, it does not affect the guarantee which is a month from the date YOU purchased it. 


Ask a Question
  • Do the replacement pen probe test all gold please

    Yes it tests "all" gold but this product is a replacement pen-probe for the tester, it will not test gold on its own. Please see Kee gold tester for details of the tester.

  • hi i have a kee gold testing machine and am wanting a new probe, are you based in waterford?? as i am from cork and could i pick one up there from you

    Collections welcome (please phone first).

    The only problem, in this case, is that Waterford is 368 miles from Watford.

    [After posting this answer, the customer emailed again, to say he'd like to collect the item since he lives near Waterford in Ireland.  We are not in Waterford in Ireland, we are in Watford in England (near London), at WD18 8PH]

  • Is the pen that you send a genuine Kee, or is is a compatible Quicktest one?

    Genuine Kee pen.

  • how long does a pen probe last? if you tested three items per week? or does it just evaporate of its own accord?

    Please see product description for details of how long the pen probes last (click on the "Guarantee" tab).

    The manufacturers recommend it's replaced after a year. We recommend that you just keep using it until it dries out since we don't see why it should 'evaporate of its own accord' - providing you replace the cap firmly after each use. However, PLEASE read the product description as regards the guarantee.

  • Hi I'm in need of a refill for my kee probe test pen?

    You cannot 're-fill' them, you would have to buy a new probe pen.


  • Just wondering if you can recycle used probes I would return.

    They can't be refilled.

    I don't know if the plastic can be recycled.