Bar Magnifier, small

Bar Magnifier, small

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About 2X magnification. A cylinder of plastic, rest it on the page, slide it down. Total 6 inches, length of magnifier is 3.5 inches. Small enough to carry in a top pocket (it even has a clip) yet large enough to read the width of a newspaper column.

In the photograph the clip is blue. Some clips are blue, some are white - supplied as available.

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Magnification / lens size in mm: 2X 80X10

Field of view: It rests exactly on the page and is almost flat, so the field of view is exactly 80mm X 10mm.

Lens material: plastic

Presentation: Plain cardboard box

Origin / brand: I bought these as a 'job lot' and haven't actually any idea where they originate, probably China...most items you see here in the U.K. are made in China.


Generally, these are for reading text on anything flat, e.g. a book, magazine or newspaper resting on a table; they are designed to rest on the page, to save you the effort of holding it above the text (which is very tiring if you're reading an entire book).

Specifically, handy to carry in your pocket at all times, just in case you have to read a menu while you are out, or the small print on a form.

Particularly good for dyslexics learning to read because it stops the eye from 'wandering'. Says 9-year-old Sarah, having been diagnosed dyslexic for five years now,

"It's really good. It helps me find the right line quicker" (she often jumps two or three lines when reading and frequently loses her place). "It makes everything bigger so I notice the full stops. It helps me read a lot better as because it's bigger I can see the words I'm reading and the punctuation really well. It helps me sound out the difficult words because the letters are bigger."

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With most magnifiers* magnification and working distance are related. Download our Excel sheet, enter a magnification to see the resulting working distance, enter a working distance to see the resulting magnification.

* excluding surgeons-type, digital & phone magnifiers, and microscopes.

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