Collections: Scales (balances) multi-range

Click on picture to see the product categories. Some balances weigh in different resolutions (minimum weight) over different ranges. For instance, in 0.1 steps up to 1000g then 0.5g steps up to 3000g then 1g steps up to 5000g - all automatically. This gives the best of all worlds, you can weigh gold down to, say, 0.1g and silver all the way up to, say, 5000g. Q. Why so complicated, why can't they just make a scale that goes in 0.1g steps up to 5000g? A. That's not a problem, there are plenty like that, but they cost a few hundred pounds. Confused about weights? 1g? 0.1g? 0.01g?, 0.001g ? See our article about weighing.