Probe for Gemtest-PGI
Probe for Gemtest-PGI
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Probe for Gemtest-PGI

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Pickup available from Quicktest (WD18 8JA)
Email us or call on 01923-220206 for appointment.


Spare probe for Presidium electronic gem tester:

- our ref. Gemtest-PGI

- Presidium's ref. PGI

Please check that this is the model you have.


Ask a Question
  • Hi, I bought a Presidium gem tester around 5 years ago and wondered if I should replace the probe?. I have had a few issues regarding not testing correctly, but mostly fixed by calibration, but recently had 2 issues of incorrect tests on 2 sales within the trade - who then tested the stones with they're gem testers and came up with different results. Thanks for your time. Sue

    The short answer is yes we have spare probes, click here. 

    The long answer is - before buying a new probe, check the following:

    - many stones have overlapping readings, check the chart, click here
    - what was the stone? Don't assume your tester was wrong and your friend's was correct.
    - be aware that these testers are very temperature-sensitive, each time the temperature changes you must calibrate it, e.g. at the moment [Summer 2022] it will be 16 degrees in the morning and 35 degrees in the afternoon.
    - once the temperature gets into the mid 30s it's simply too hot for these testers to work accurately. 
    -  similarly, in the winter, if you're working at an outside market at 5 or 10 degrees...too cold!

  • Our probe's tip bit is stuck inside, I am wondering if there is a fix for that?

    Sounds like it is broken, sorry not repairable.

    You can purchase a spare probe.