Standard Presidium Electronic Gem Tester (model PGT II)
Standard Presidium Electronic Gem Tester (model PGT II)
Standard Presidium Electronic Gem Tester (model PGT II)
Standard Presidium Electronic Gem Tester (model PGT II)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Standard Presidium Electronic Gem Tester (model PGT II)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Standard Presidium Electronic Gem Tester (model PGT II)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Standard Presidium Electronic Gem Tester (model PGT II)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Standard Presidium Electronic Gem Tester (model PGT II)

Standard Presidium Electronic Gem Tester (model PGT II)

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Bench model. Thermal meter, tests for 17 common groups of gemstones (about 40 varieties), enlarge the product picture to see the scale in detail.

Works with any stone, loose or mounted in jewellery, even uncut stones. The only condition is that the stone (and tester) must be at room temperature.

Guarantee: 1 year.



Strong nylon carrying pouch

PP3 Battery

USB cable (connects to any computer/mobile device / USB-mains adaptor). 


All testers  must be used in conjunction with the user's skill, knowledge and experience. Under no circumstances shall QUICKTEST be liable for direct or indirect loss sustained in connection with any item. Nothing is 100% accurate, you must understand the limitations of any tester you buy. We also suggest you regularly test known samples to check for any obvious faults. Full support given for items you buy from QUICKTEST.

Alternative gem testers

Please note, none of these testers will distinguish natural stones from synthetic stones. "Synthetic" is a scientific term meaning 'made by man in a factory/laboratory to the same formula found in nature', the two are usually indistinguishable. 


Tests mounted stones [1]

Tests  Diamond

Tests  Moissanite

Ruby / 

Other stones

Handheld presidium gem tester (GEMTEST-PGI)

Shows up as diamond

31 stones

Presidium Duo gem tester (GEMTEST-DUO-II)



Digital refractometer by Presidium (REFRACT-DIGI-PRESID)

55 stones

Refractometer (optical not electronic) (Refract-L)

Hundreds of stones [4]

[1] All testers test loose stones but not all can test mounted (set in jewellery) stones.

[2] The probe / analogue meter will test mounted stones, the digital meter will only test loose stones.

[3] The probe / analogue meter: 17 stones; the digital meter: 40 stones.

[4] Skill and practice is required to use an optical refractometer, instructions are not included, see any textbook about gemmology…or the internet.  


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Ask a Question
  • Do you do servicing for it please?

    We have a good relationship with the manufacturers and can get their testers serviced, though we don't do it ourselves, we send them back to Singapore for a quote (postage payable).  

    Please tell us exactly why you think it needs servicing, we can then advise you on whether it' is worth repairing.

    This is for testers that were bought from us, if you bought your tester somewhere else please ask your supplier for support. 

    Repairs/service are free during the guarantee period (providing you bought the tester from us). 

  • Will any of your equipment test Tsavorite ?

    Tsavorite is a variety of grosslar garnet.

    Please see our chart of readings - this is a more detailed picture of the "meter" on the gem testers, you can see how the reading for Tsavorite (grossular garnet) overlaps with various other stones. 

    I don't know of an electronic machine that will test for ONLY Tsavorite.

  • Hi there, does it accurately determine jadeite from jade or does this machine just group them both under jadeite and spinel ? What do we need to determine jade from jadeite ? Thanks

    Will this tester determine jadeite jade from nephrite jade: yes.  

    Will this tester accurately determine jadeite jade from nephrite jade: no.

    There is 'overlap' between readings, see our chart.

    Spinel is a totally different stone and has a significantly different reading. You shouldn't need a tester to tell spinel from jade.

  • Hi, does this device give results for Paraiba Tourmaline gemstone, obviously it needs to identify the copper content in the stone. I see on the picture it just states Tourmaline on the spectrum window. Thanks

    Simple answer: no.

    Complicated answer: this tester is a thermal meter not a spectroscope (there is no 'spectrum'); it won't show you the transitional elements; it won't detect if the stone contains copper.

  • On the tester how do you know if it’s a diamond or mossanite ?

    This tester will not distinguish diamond from Moissanite. You would need either a dedicated multi-tester diamond tester (e.g. MULTI-EXPP or MULTI-SAM) or a more sophisticated gem tester (e.g. REFRACT-DIGI-PRESID or GEMTEST-DUO-II).

  • Can this tell the difference beween glass and quartz ( 117ct "green gold quarts " gem)

    It can tell the difference between glass and some varieties of quartz, please see the picture of the scale to see how the readings overlap. We have no experience of green quartz.

  • Why is my Presidium-11 testing gemstones are real when they are fake....IV had a couple of pieces of jewellery that I have tested that are clearly not silver or gold and the gems are coming up real...I have recalibrated it

    When you say, ‘fake’ I assume you mean glass or plastic.

    Check the tester by testing the GLASS disc on the unit. If it registers GLASS then it is working and (if all you want to test is glass) does not need calibrating.

    If you want to be reassured, find any small item of ordinary glass (e.g. a very small medicine bottle), make absolutely certain it’s at room temperature, it will read GLASS.

    If your stones are reading higher, then either they are not glass or they are too cold to test accurately, wait a few minutes for them to warm up to room temperature.

    Plastic will read as low, or lower than glass.

    These testers are very temperature-sensitive, they only work if both the tester and the stones are at room temperature.

  • Does it come with a UK plug?

    It comes with a UK / 240v mains adaptor, it has a 2-pin plug, we include an adaptor so that you can plug it in.

  • does this come with a carry case?

    Yes, nice carry case which contains the tester and all its accessories.

    All our testers come in a carry case.

  • Does this come with the probe attached or does it have to be purchased separately? Thanks

    Yes it comes with a probe.

    All our testers come ready-to-use with a probe.

    We do sell spare probes, because they are fragile and some people break them.

  • Hi. It's probe pen included? Thanks


  • Is this a recognised professional Machine?

    This is certainly a machine used by professional jewellers, though I don't entirely understand what you mean by a recognised machine.