SAM multi-tester
SAM multi-tester
SAM multi-tester
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SAM multi-tester

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This is the absolute-best multi-tester for non-diamond / diamond / Moissanite

  • this is best tester for the new (low-conductivity) Moissanites that show up as 'diamond' on most testers
  • fastest response time (test-result in 1 second)
  • left-handed or right-handed use
  • thinnest probe (0.45mm) tests stones as small as 0.01 carat (1 point)
  • can be used with batteries (included) or USB power (cable not included)
  • in its case it's smaller an neater than other diamond testers.
  • one year guarantee

See our Guide to buying diamond testers.

Guarantee: 1 year.


Turn it on, wait 10 seconds for it to warm up, place the probe in the centre of the stone, large clear LED bars indicate: Low Batt, Metal alert (meaning you've missed the stone and touched the setting), Simulant (i.e. not diamond), Moissanite,, Diamond, Touched metal (i.e. you missed the stone and tested the setting).


Size 170mm (6.69 inches) X 31mm (1.2 inches) X 28mm (1.1 inches)

Weight 55g (1.94 oz)

Tests stones from 0.01 to 10 carats incl. mounted stones in any setting

Operating temperature 18 to 27 degrees C (64 to 81 degrees F)


Start-up time 10 seconds

Testing time 1 second

Warm-up time between tests 2 seconds


Power: three AAA batteries (supplied) or any USB power source (USB cable not supplied). NOTE: the USB cable is to power the tester directly, it does not charge batteries. Also, IF you use rechargeable batteries they must be lithium, not the standard NiMH.

Battery life: 2000 continuous tests with good quality alkaline batteries, eg Duracell 

Auto-power-off yes, if used on battery power it turns itself off after 10mns with no activity.

Low battery indicator: yes


Neat heavy-duty carrying pouch

Summary of instructions (you are meant to download the full instruction booklet).


This is the only diamond tester, that we have come across, that will detect the new "low-conductivity" Moissanites, which show up as diamond on other diamond testers. That's good!  The disadvantage is that some synthetic diamonds show up as Moisssanite.  

    Video (lasts 1mn)


    All testers  must be used in conjunction with the user's skill, knowledge and experience. Under no circumstances shall QUICKTEST be liable for direct or indirect loss sustained in connection with any item. Nothing is 100% accurate, you must understand the limitations of any tester you buy. We also suggest you regularly test known samples to check for any obvious faults. Full support given for items you buy from QUICKTEST.


    Please note, none of these testers will distinguish natural stones from synthetic stones. "Synthetic" is a scientific term meaning 'made by man in a factory/laboratory to the same formula found in nature'. The two are usually indistinguishable, synthetic diamond is diamond (read about synthetic diamond testers and see our ARI and ARETE models).

    The testers below are to distinguish diamond from non-diamond (simulant/imitation).   


    Tests mounted stones [1]

    Tests  Diamond

    Tests  Moissanite

    Ruby / 

    Other stones

    Diamond selector II, (DT-DS-crp) (works some of the time)

    Shows up as diamond

    No reaction on non-diamond

    Diamond selector II  (DT-DS)
    (cheap but works most of the time)

    Shows up as diamond


    No reaction on non-diamond

    Diamond Experior (best diamond-only tester) Shows up as diamond Non-diamond reads 'Other Stone'

    Moissanite tester by GemVue (Moissanite Plus) MOISS-4)

    You must only test stones you are certain are diamond

    Multi tester. Experior by Gemtrue (MULTI-EXP)


    No reaction on other stones

    Handheld presidium gem tester (GEMTEST-PGI)

    Shows up as diamond

    31 stones

    Standard Presidium (GEMTEST-P2)

    Shows up as diamond

    17 stones

    Presidium Duo gem tester (GEMTEST-DUO-II)



    Digital refractometer by Presidium (REFRACT-DIGI-PRESID)

    55 stones

    Refractometer (optical not electronic) (Refract-L)

    Hundreds of stones [4]

    [1] All testers test loose stones but not all can test mounted (set in jewellery) stones.

    [2] The probe / analogue meter will test mounted stones, the digital meter will only test loose stones.

    [3] The probe / analogue meter: 17 stones; the digital meter: 40 stones.

    [4] Skill and practice is required to use an optical refractometer, instructions are not included, see any textbook about gemmology…or the internet.  


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    Brilliant-cut cubic zirconia, 5mm dia. (RRP £5.42 )

    Stone Grip, short, 55mm (RRP £1.67 )

    Polishing cloth, ~ 6.5 X 6.5 inches (RRP £1.67 )


    Ask a Question
    • i am looking to buy this as a present but it won't be given until July. If it should be found to be faulty then how would I stand about getting it replaced...or would i be better off buying it nearer the date (although i would then worry it would be out of stock!)

      The guarantee is for one year from when you receive it.

      We can extend this by a week if it's for a birthday (and providing you tell us when you order it)...but not for two months.
      We can extend this by a week if it's for a birthday (and you tell when you order it)...but not for two months.

      BTW, over Christmas you get extra time, the 14 days plus the period Christmas Eve to about 5 January (details on web site each year)..

    • Hi, is this better then Presidium 111 multi tester?

      We were comparing the Presidium Multi Tester III and the SAM only last week.

      At first they seemed exactly the same in both speed and accuracy. Then we tested a synthetic diamond and the Multi Tester III incorrectly showed it to be Moissanite every time; the SAM tester correctly showed it to be diamond every time (see our explanation of synthetic v. natural diamonds).

    • Hi, in what way will the Presidium Sam perform better than the Gemtrue Multi tester ?

      When we’ve had ‘low conductivity’ Moissanites, this has been the only tester to correctly identify them, every time, instantly.

      It’s more responsive, the instant result gives you the confidence that it's not "thinking" about the answer.

      A customer visited and brought with him a selection of ‘difficult’ stones he had been testing on various other diamond testers. He said that the SAM was far better than anything he had tried. It’s certainly better than anything else we’ve tried.

    • Hi, is this tester recognise CVD (man made dimonds)?

      That requires a very specialist tester, see ARI.

    • Hi sir presidium SAM can work on rough stage diamonds and rough moissanites or only it can identify polished diamonds and polished moissanites please give me information I need to test rough diamonds and rough moissanites. In India now many rough moissanites its very confusing to identify the diamonds in rough stage. thank you

      The SAM will work on small rough diamonds/Moissanites providing the probe can make good contact, ie the crystal must be clean and smooth, not crustated, coated or embedded in another mineral.

    • Hello, do you know if this can be used on set gems? E.g. a stone in a ring?

      Yes, this tester is specifically for testing stones set in jewellery.
      It also comes with a stone-holder for loose stones.

    • i need a vat receipt as buying these through my business

      A VAT receipt is included with every order.  Normally we put it in the parcel but it can be emailed if preferred. 

      For larger companies (where ‘accounts’ need to approve  the order) we can email a proforma invoice, the you pay, then we send the order.