Surgeons Type Binocular Magnifiers

Head-mounted magnifiers used by surgeons, dentists, engineers, watchmakers, jewellers and art renovators.

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These come as headband magnifiers (which can be used with or without spectacles) or as a "clip-on" to clip to your spectacles. Click on each picture, above, to see the magnifications and working distances available.

Making the magnifiers as a pair of tiny telescopes rather than 'simple' lenses is the only way to get a relatively high magnification and keep a long working distance; with 'simple' lens, the higher the magnification the closer you must get to the object (e.g. too close to be able to work with tools).

The weaker strengths are shorter (shorter telescopes) and the more powerful are longer (longer telescopes) as shown in these pictures:


The two photographs below show the more powerful sizes, longer lenses, note the extra band over the top of the head to hold the extra weight firmly (the weaker sizes are very lightweight and don't require the extra band over the top).

In all of these photographs, the subject is working at a comfortable distance. Unlike simple lenses you can achieve a long working distance and a high magnification with these.