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Ultra violet torch with 100 LED lights

Ultra violet torch with 100 LED lights

Ref: uv-100

Price: 24.50 (Including VAT)



Its large head (3 inches diameter contains 100 L.E.D. UV lights).

The effect is that you can scan large areas, e.g. walk around the house to see where your cat has urinated; look at a large painting in an art gallery (the beauty of UV light is that it's non-destructive); pick out uranium glass out of hundreds of items, find interesting rows of beads amongst hundreds.

Of course, it works fine for checking one banknote or one porcelain vase.

Read all about how UV light works; see lots of photographs of what you will see with UV light, click here.

Note: this is a UV (ultra violet) lights, for ordinary (white light) lights click here.

UV Wavelength: 390-395nm

Size: handle 160 X 35mm (6.5 X 1.5 inches), head 75mm diameter X 20mm (3 X ¾ inches)

Power: six AA batteries (supplied) last 2 to 3 hours on full brightness then gradually dim over the following 3 to 4 hours.

{More info, more pictures}

Click on the picture above, see the security markings on an old (pre-2017) twenty pound note, the myriad of 'dashes' are completely invisible in ordinary light. To see a five pound note under each UV torch (which gives you a good idea as to how they compare) click here.


For the very best UV lights see our UV-1. models.

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Availability: we import these, we currently (Christmas 2018) have about 150 in stock.