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KEE electronic gold tester (model M-509GM)

KEE electronic gold tester (model M-509GM)

Ref: KEE

UPDATE: out of stock today, will be back in stock by the middle of the month (October 2020). Order today, no money will not be taken from your card until they are in stock.


Add 18ct calibration sample £ 35.40 incl. VAT

Add 22ct calibration sample £ 45.00 incl. VAT

Add spare probe £ 49.50 incl. VAT

Price: 349.00 (Including VAT)



We are a UK company offering fast delivery and easy telephone support. Free delivery on this item if paid by bank transfer, see details.

I am wary of recommending new electronic gold testers, having tried a few that looked promising but turned out to be unreliable (see my reviews).

Making it with a simple analogue meter seems to have solved the problems found with 'computerised' electronic gold testers. Definitely the most reliable electronic tester I have seen.

The price does not include a sample of 18ct and 22ct (must be exactly 18ct / 22ct, i.e. anything with a full British hallmark). If you are a dealer in scrap, you will have these - if not, you will need the 18ct sample for testing general jewellery; plus the 22ct sample if you want to test high-carat (20ct and 24ct) accurately.



Includes soft (small) carrying case, battery, extra contact leads for large items that will not fit on the test-plate. No acids involved, the probe contains a harmless salt solution. One battery lasts for months.

- Tests gold from 8K to 24K (that includes 9ct, the scale is marked "10K" because it's American)
· Simple analogue meter, good reliability
· Simply touch pen probe to the item (must be filed first) result is shown in two or three seconds
· Easy calibration with a sample of 18ct (you cannot use the tester without this) + a sample of 22ct gold if you want to test 20ct to 24ct accurately
· Replaceable pen probe provides up to 1000 tests (in practice 3 to 4 months of heavy use)
· Powered by one AA battery (will last many months providing you remember to turn it off after use)


As with all testers (including all other electronic gold testers) the item must be filed first, both to cut through any gold plating, and to remove surface contamination.

It's American, they use the abbreviation "K" for karat rather than our "ct" for carat, and they refer to 10ct rather than our 9ct. No great problem, just worth noting.

It does not test silver.

{Optional Extras}

You WILL need to set the electronics to match a sample of gold (technical term: calibrate); you will need a sample of 18ct yellow gold and also (if you want to test 20ct to 24ct accurately) a sample of 22ct yellow gold.

If you deal in scrap, you will have these, so there is no need to buy samples (they are optional extras) - just be certain that you are using gold that has a full British hallmark, to guarantee the carat.


The machine is guaranteed for one year.

The probe is a modified felt pen, it dries up easily if you leave the cap off or don't replace it firmly, and then you will have to buy a new probe. For this reason, the probes are not guaranteed. If you replace the cap firmly between tests it should last many hundreds of tests (the manufacturer won't give a figure, but they say with heavy use in a shop it will last at least three months). A new pen is not expensive, keep a spare in stock!

I've had long discussions with the supplier and am confident that they have the technical expertise to fix these should they break down (though we haven't had any that have broken down!)


There is no acid, there are no export restrictions.