USB Microscope
USB Microscope
USB Microscope
USB Microscope
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, USB Microscope
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, USB Microscope
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, USB Microscope

USB Microscope

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Special price until 31 July.

Includes a sturdy focusable microscope stand. That might seem trivial but it's not. With a proper 'stage', like this, you can lay out your specimens, focus precisely, even take measurements, it's turns this from a fun toy to a 'proper' microscope.

Plugs into a computer with the USB cable supplied, no extra power or batteries required, LED lights, zooms up to an incredible 1000X magnification*. Working distance from 5mm to 45mm. Adjustable stand included (leaf not included). Press the red button to take a 'snap' on the computer. Software includes selection of filters (Windows only, not Mac).

* please note that it is technically easy to push the magnification of any low-cost microscope (or telescope) up to 1000X, but the image will be too fuzzy to be of any use, assume the maximum useable magnification for any microscope of this size to be somewhere between 100X and 200X.


Magnification 1X to 1000X

Focus range 1mm to 40mm

Resolution 640X480 pixels = 0.3MP

Illuminator: 8-LED dimmable

Operating system

- Windows


- microscope with illuminator

- stage and stand (the microscope can be used with or without this)

- graticules for measuring

- USB cable (fits any computer/mobile device or any USB mains plug, neither supplied)

Power: USB (5v) (USB2.0 or USB 1.1)




Ask a Question
  • what is the magnification range on this unit

    If you scroll down to the description (past the photos) you can see the full technical spec.

    Officially, "up to 200X" magnification. I'm sure this is true but, at this magnification, you will be looking at small groups of pixels.
    My photos range from (my best guess) from 10X to 40X (you can enlarge each photo by 'hovering' over it).
    It's nice to have this range of magnification, you will see for yourself that sometimes you will need 10X, sometimes 20X or 30X, you will probably never turn it up to more than 40X.