Scriber / scratch-test for diamonds

Scriber / scratch-test for diamonds

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Scriber, 150mm long, carbide tip. 


Designed to 'scribe' on metal (e.g. silver, gold copper), but also used as a scratch-test for those that are too mean to spend money on a diamond tester - because most (not all) gemstones can be scratched with a carbide tip whereas diamond cannot.

For testing uncut stones: if you can scratch it, it's not diamond; if you can't scratch it, it might be diamond.

For testing cut stones:

a) draw the tip across customer's precious gemstone, if it scratches it, it's not diamond

b) the customer sues you for damaging their precious gemstone

c) even if there's nobody to sue you, you have just damaged a gemstone and it is now unsaleable.


Is it easy to use?



Stones (including diamonds) are not necessarily the same hardness in all directions.

Once scratched, a polished gemstone is damaged and probably becomes worthless.

Scratching a gemstone can cause it to crack.




Ask a Question
  • Can I use this pen to text my diamond

    These are for testing minerals (found in the ground) not cut gemstones.

    Sure it will “test” your diamond but you risk cracking or chipping it (diamonds are brittle), and if it isn’t diamond, you are likely to scratch a valuable gemstone and render it worthless.