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Probes for Gemoro AGT electronic gold tester

Probes for Gemoro AGT electronic gold tester



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AGT1 & AGT2 electronic gold tester PROBE-AGT1 £34.99
AGT3 electronic gold tester PROBE-AGT3 £37.50

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Replacement probe for AGT electronic gold tester.

You MUST calibrate the tester when you plug in a new probe, so please make sure you have a sample of 14ct yellow gold.

IMPORTANT: please click on the "Warning" tab of this product description before buying this item.



This is a 'consumable'. Consumables cannot normally be returned if unsuitable.

When an AGT tester stops working, it might be because it needs a new probe but it might be because the machine has developed a fault. Maybe it does need a new probe...but it might also have developed a fault. Maybe it was working fine a few days ago...but it might have developed a fault.

Since we have no way of knowing if the tester is faulty or if it just needs a new probe, you may return the probe for refund providing it is posted to us within three days of receipt. POSTAGE IS NOT REFUNDABLE.