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Polishing sticks (emery sticks, buff sticks) set of 8 - Photograph 1

Polishing sticks (emery sticks, buff sticks) set of 8



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An alternative to polishing mops and cloths is these 'gritted' polishing sticks.  There are eight in a set varying from course (for removing deep scratches) to ultra-fine for a final polish (though a polishing cloth is good to use too, for the insides of rings etc where the polishing stick won't reach). 

It's awful-hard work compared with a mop on a motor, but for shop use it's fine, it avoids the noise and mess of a motor and mops and polishing compounds - and you don't need to 'learn' how to polish, you just need the set of polishing sticks and some elbow grease. 

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