Plastic Eyeglass, various sizes - Photograph 1
Plastic Eyeglass, various sizes - Photograph 2
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Plastic Eyeglass, various sizes

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Ref: EGS-2.5X

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Magnification and Size Price (Inc. VAT) Stock
2.5x Magnification (Size 4) £1.67  Available
3.5x Magnification (Size 3) £1.67  Available
3x Magnification (Size 3.5) £1.67  Available
4x Magnification (Size 2.5) £1.67  Available
5x Magnification (Size 2) £1.67  Available
7x Magnification (Size 1.5) £1.67  Available
10x Magnification (Size 1) £1.67  Available
Magnification and Size Reference Price (Inc. VAT)
2.5x Magnification (Size 4) EGS-2.5X £1.67
3.5x Magnification (Size 3) EGS-3.5X £1.67
3x Magnification (Size 3.5) EGS-3X £1.67
4x Magnification (Size 2.5) EGS-4X £1.67
5x Magnification (Size 2) EGS-5X £1.67
7x Magnification (Size 1.5) EGS-7X £1.67
10x Magnification (Size 1) EGS--10X £1.67

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20mm diameter glass lens.

Hold the plastic cone in your eye (it takes practice), then both hands are free to work.

Choice of seven magnifications, each has its own working distance (size No.) in inches - read all about it.


THE standard no-fuss eyeglass.

Further information

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* excluding surgeons-type, digital & phone magnifiers, and microscopes.


Ask a Question
  • What magnifications are there in plastic eye glasses?

    If you click on the drop-down box marked PLEASE SELECT, you have a choice of 7 different magnifications, e.g. "...2.5X (No.:4)" means 2.5X magnification.