Magnet, medium, iron, 20x10mm

Magnet, medium, iron, 20x10mm


Ref: MAG-SP-FE-20X10

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Only a few of this size remaining, once sold there are no more.

Limited quantity, once these are sold there are no more.

Material: iron

Shape: round

Size: 20mm diameter X 10mm thick

Keep one of these in your buying bag (or even your purse) then, even if you have forgotten your gold tester, you can 'filter' out obvious non-gold.

How does this compare with our other (most powerful, Neodymium) magnets?

Uses for testing

Gold and silver are not magnetic. So when you are presented with dozens of items to test, save time by picking out all the items that are magnetic.

This does NOT mean that there are special magnets for testing gold and silver. If an item is NOT magnetic, it could be any one of hundreds of metals (including gold and silver).

Silver is strongly 'diamagnetic'. If you slide an appropriate magnet down a flat silver surface (e.g. a coin) it will move slowly instead of 'falling off'. Copper is slightly diamagnetic. See our 'magnets for silver testing' - a set of 3 magnet, a sample copper coin and instructions.

Copper is not magnetic, neither is brass (a mixture of copper and zinc) or bronze (a mixture of copper and mostly tin). A magnet is useful because many copper / bronze / brass items are really steel that has been plated and will (in most cases) be very magnetic. As with gold and silver: if an item is magnetic it is not solid copper / bronze / brass.


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