GLASS BOTTLES Quicktest-3 tester for gold and silver

GLASS BOTTLES Quicktest-3 tester for gold and silver

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TRADE ONLY! Anyone over the age of 18 may buy acids for testing precious metals as part of their trade / business / profession (e.g. retail jewellers, antiques shop, auction house, pawnbrokers). See "Restrictions" for more information. 

THIS IS NOT A STANDARD TESTER! This set contains glass bottles instead of the standard plastic bottles (see the tab PLASTIC OR GLASS?). We manufacture several hundred plastic bottles per month but we sell so few glass bottles that we only make them to order, so add 1 to 2 weeks to the delivery time. 

Three bottle tester, tests for all carats of gold and also silver.  Each acid changes colour when applied to the metal, and the colour (and the speed of the reaction) will tell you if it is gold, and the carat. Also tests for silver.

Each set includes a needle-file (to check for plating), a sample of copper (to see the reaction on 'base' metal), a magnet (gold and silver aren't magnetic), and a very clear  instructions booklet - they all fit neatly into the box with the acids.

To download the instruction manual click here.

To read about various methods of testing gold click here to read the article. 




  • has a very fine applicator, good for applying really tiny spots of acid.


  • when opened they 'fume' (you must take great care not to breathe the fumes)
  • the bottles do not have childproof caps, you must keep them in the box when not in use and lock the box
  • If knocked over, all the acid will spill, causing great damage or injury
  • If dropped the bottle could smash
  • If over-heated (e.g. in the car in a heatwave) the bottle could explode
  • Expensive compared with the plastic bottles (same acid, same quantity)
  • Not popular, we don't make many, add 1 to 2 weeks to the delivery time. 



  • Much safer than glass bottles (if knocked over, it can only spill one single drop)
  • The bottles have childproof caps
  • Always in stock. 


  • Dispenses drops of one size, you can't apply really tiny spots.  


Supplied in a strong wooden box which contains the accessories and instructions (there is also a summary of the instructions fixed to lid). The instructions are very simple, there are even instructions for the colour blind, you don't have to distinguish between dark green, dark red, grey and brown.

This is THE 'industry standard' tester. The simplest (easy to use) set on the market. Strong wooden box for safety, accessories included, childproof bottles. We have been manufacturing this model since 1986.

Accessories: magnet, needle file, sample of 'base' metal (copper).

The first bottle tells you if the metal is not gold or 9ct or better than 9ct.

The second bottle tells you if the metal is 14ct, 18ct, 22ct or 24ct (and it's accurate enough to gauge 'in between' these readings)

The third bottle tests for silver (Sterling, 925 grade or 'continental' .800).

Each bottle contains enough fluid for 100 to 150 tests and has a shelf life of between one and two years (the 'use by' date is printed on each label). Each bottle is semi-transparent so that you can see how much fluid remains. 


Preparation, , click here to play the video

- good to see this if you have never used testing acids before.

Using the bottles, click here to play the video - can't get the lid off?

- don't know what to do next?

Not gold, click here to play the video

- the reaction on non-gold

9ct, click here to play the video - testing non-gold / 9ct. click here to play the video

18ct, click here to play the video

Play all the videos at once, click here to play the video 



Anyone over the age of 18 may buy acids for testing precious metals as part of their trade / business / profession. That includes organisations, large companies, small businesses, individual traders working from home, even collectors who trade by buying  and selling.

If  none of the above apply, you will need an EPP licence from the Home OfficeThis is because acids can be used for making explosives.


We can only ship by road, to destinations covered by the UPS Dangerous Chemicals service. That includes nearly all of mainland Britain and most of mainland Europe.

We cannot ship by sea. That includes any island, unless it's connected to mainland Britain or mainland Europe by a road bridge.

We cannot ship by air. That includes some parts of the Highlands, all of Ireland (North and South) and anywhere outside Europe. This is because UPS do not operate a road service to these destinations, parcels go by air. 



The fluids are acid, you will need a steady hand and good eyesight. Acids must be kept well away from children and stored upright in a cool place. If this is not possible DO NOT buy this product. Download our 4-page plain-English guide to safety.  The full COSHH data sheets (114 pages) are available upon request.


All equipment and materials must be used in conjunction with the user's skill, knowledge and experience. Under no circumstances shall QUICKTEST be liable for direct or indirect loss sustained in connection with any item. It is your responsibility to regularly check equipment against known samples to ensure that it is working correctly.


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