Boxed, ring stick (UK + US sizes) + 25 individual finger sizers

Boxed, ring stick (UK + US sizes) + 25 individual finger sizers

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Pickup available from Quicktest (WD18 8JA)
Email us or call on 01923-220206 for appointment.

Heavy duty ring stick: British sizes H to Z  plus 6 extra-large sizes (Z+1 to Z+6). 

Finger sizers: 25 Individual rings for measuring fingers, sizes H to Z  plus 6 extra-large sizes (Z+1 to Z+6).   The width (not diameter) of each ring is 4mm. 

Conversion chart in lid to who you the circumference and diameter for each size. 

Fitted box measures 13" X 5½" X 1¾"

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  • does it come in US sizes as well?

    We only stock the British sizes but the same is available in US sizes to special order (same price).
    The US model has sizes 1 to 16, and the rings are 7mm wide rings instead of 4mm, otherwise it looks identical to the British version.
    As a special order the delivery time is between one and two months, please email and ask us for "ring/finger sizers ref.999".