Binocular magnifier like spectacles + light

Binocular magnifier like spectacles + light

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Binocular magnifier with a selection of three 'spectacle' lenses, clip them in, either one pair at a time (magnifications 1.5X, 2X or 2.5X) or two pairs at a time (giving 3.5X, 4.00X or 4.5X magnifications).

Adjustable light powered by a rechargeable battery and a built-in charger.

Carrying case.

A compact binocular magnifier very neat in its carrying case, suitable for reading, crafts, or for simple engineering work. Small enough to slip into a bag, and also it looks like a large pair of spectacles, good if you are self-conscious about wearing a big magnifier in a public place.

The 1.5X is good for reading (if our eyesight is very poor); the 2X and 2.5X are good for closer craft and hobby work, fly-tying, wiring in fuse cupboards or switch rooms (its light helps). 

Technical Specification

Three pairs of lenses:

Used individually:




or if you combine them:

- you can use the 1.5X with the 2X = 3.5X magnification

- you can use the 1.5X with the 2.5X = 4X magnification

- you can use the 2X with the 2.5X = 4.5X magnification

LED light: adjustable angle (swings in/out and up/down); adjustable brightness ('bright' or 'dim').

POWER: built-in rechargeable battery, USB cable included for charging. 

Case Study

A local jeweller was looking for a binocular magnifier for use on his workbench. I left a selection and he chose this one for the following reasons:

  • he had been using the very best quality magnifier (it was by Zeiss...but Zeiss have now discontinued them) but it had got damaged - he found this one (Binocmag-specs) more comfortable to wear for long periods (a few hours at a time at the workbench), he said it was so lightweight and comfortable that he wasn't even aware of wearing it
  • compared with his original Zeiss model, the clarity of this one isn't as spectacular but it he liked the flexibility of using two lenses at once and changing magnification simply by flipping one of the two lenses out of the way
  • he had been a bit shy about going into the shop and serving customers whilst wearing a large headband magnifier, but this one (Binocmag-specs) was unobtrusive when hinged up out of the way
  • he only needed a low magnification, the lowest matched his reading glasses so he now uses these for reading (the light helps greatly).
  • with its adjustable light, built-in rechargeable batteries and a USB cable, he commented that this is exceptionally good value.

My comments:

Given the circumstances of this jeweller (and this would go for most workshop and hobby work) this is the best magnifier. However, note that this user:

  • needed something he could wear for a few hours at a time (personally, I find the binocmag-01H more comfortable but I've only worn it for a few minutes). 
  • didn't require high magnification, if you want the flexibility of higher magnifications, go for binocmag-01H; if you want the most powerful go for Bincomag-watchmaker
  • wasn't working on very small items (requiring best optical quality with the longest working distance for the magnification) - for which the only choice must be a surgeons' magnifier.
  • didn't require the flexibility of combining pairs of lenses to get 10 different magnifications, e.g. model binocmag-01H

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Ask a Question
  • I have prescription spectacles with prisms to correct double vision, but would like additional magnification for reading. Do you supply magnifiers (with or without light) that can fit over ordinary spectacles?

    Head-worn magnifiers fitted to a 'headband' can be worn over spectacles:



    (The 'surgeons' magnifiers can also be worn over spectacles but they are not suitable for general reading)