Binocular Headband Magnifier, professional

Binocular Headband Magnifier, professional

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Ref: BINOCMAG-S4-2.5X-370MM

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Magnification Working distanceReference Price (Inc. VAT)
2.5X magnification 37cm working distanceBINOCMAG-S4-2.5X-370MM £169.00
2.5X magnification 42cm working distanceBINOCMAG-S4-2.5X-420MM £169.00
2.5X magnification 50cm working distanceBINOCMAG-S4-2.5X-500MM £169.00
3.5X magnification 37cm working distanceBINOCMAG-S4-3.5X-370MM £228.00
4X magnification 37cm working distanceBINOCMAG-S4-4.0X-370MM £250.00
4X magnification 42cm working distanceBINOCMAG-S4-4.0X-420MM £250.00
4X magnification 50cm working distanceBINOCMAG-S4-4.0X-500MM £250.00
6X magnification 37cm working distanceBINOCMAG-S4-6.0X-370MM £394.99
6X magnification 42cm working distanceBINOCMAG-S4-6.0X-420MM £394.99
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This is the type used by surgeons, instead of 'simple' lenses, they have a pair or very high quality tiny telescopes. This enables a unique combination of high magnification with a long working distance (choose the one that is best for you).


The optical quality of these is so good that you do not need high magnification, see our guide. As regards the working distance, sit at your workplace, sit comfortably upright, see how far it is from your eyes to where your hands are working.

Q. Why are these so expensive?
A. Because the optical quality is so good.

Q. Why are these so cheap?
A. Because they are not custom-made for your eyes, you might have to spend several minutes collimating (setting them up) these for your eyes - though you only have to do this once. That's why I call them. "surgeons-type", actual surgeons will spend £2000.00 on a model that is fixed (no adjustments) to line up with their eyes.
That said, these are a good choice for dentists, who might not have the same budget as an operating theatre.

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With most magnifiers* magnification and working distance are related. Download our Excel sheet, enter a magnification to see the resulting working distance, enter a working distance to see the resulting magnification.

* excluding surgeons-type, digital & phone magnifiers, and microscopes.


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