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250 screws for watches

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250 screws, a random selection of "the most popular" smaller sizes for watch movements.

Click here to see 1000 larger screws for watch cases, spectacles etc.

See an information article, A Short description of Screw Types.

Will we have the size you want?

PLEASE do not send the measurements and ask us to look through the box and measure them. I did once try this, using a measuring microscope, and calculated that it could take many hours to find an exact match (there are thousands of screw types - length, diameter, head type, thread pitch...)

There are 500 screws, and they are the most common sizes for watches, and there is a fair chance that you will find the one you want (I have twice found just the right size for a watch I was repairing) ..but not guaranteed.

My best suggestion is: buy them, and if you don't find the screw you want this time, then maybe you'll find one for your next job.


Ask a Question
  • Would these screws fit a Seiko chronograph watch?

    The selection is 250 of the most common sizes of the tiniest screws for watch movements.  However, there are several thousand different types of screw (metal, length, diameter, thread, head) and there is simply no way of knowing if you will find a screw for your particular watch. If you need a good selection of screws for your workshop, this product is an excellent choice, if you want one single screw for one watch then it's better to ask the manufacturer of the watch.  You could, of course, just take a gamble (this item is not expensive!) but this IS a 'consumable' and may not be returned once opened.

  • Are there any torx t1 screws in the selection? Many thanks

    No, sorry.  Only screws for watches. 

  • Does this selection include a barrel spring screw, flat head-4mm dia, screw 1 mm dia.

    Short answer: I don’t know.

    Long answer: I was once playing with a measuring-microscope and got the idea that I could list every type and size in the box. I soon realised that this was going to take several hours, with no guarantee that the selection of screws would be the same in each box.