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Directions to Office


BY ROAD, FOR LOCALS (who don't need a map)
BY PUBLIC TRANSPORT (incl. walking/cycling from the stations)
BY FOOT and BICYCLE (detail)


VISITORS BY APPOINTMENT ONLY: email us or call 01923 220206. We operate from an industrial unit, we do not have a showroom, so when you make the appointment tell us exactly which items you want and we will fetch them from the warehouse. We have a little table where you can open and check the items - take your time, make sure that they are suitable for your needs. We do not demonstrate chemical testers or gem testers. 

ADDRESS: Quicktest, Unit 7, Park House, 15-19 Greenhill Crescent, Watford Business Park, Watford, WD18 8PH. If you are using a sat-nav, scroll down, slightly, to the shaded text.

PARKING: the building has a large car park which will is often full - but you can usually park outside our door, please see the directions below. 

PAYMENT: Cash preferred. Or pay by bank transfer (this is usually instant but, officially, it can take up to two hours). No cards or cheques, sorry.


WD18 8PH, No.19 - this will take you to an office block / industrial units. We are UNIT 7 but the units are randomly numbered and poorly signposted so you will need to know the following:

As you make the final approach, look to your left, look upwards. There's a transmitting tower on top of the building - that's Park House (but the landlord has taken down the sign and put up signs that read Flexspace). Fixed to the fence by the main entrance: Tony & Maria's Cafe (stop! turn left here! - see below) then above the main entrance: FLEXSPACE. RECEPTION.   

Directions to Unit 7

  • Turn left into GATE 1 by the Tony & Maria's Cafe sign, past the cafe towards the skips,
  • At the skips, turn right. You are now in the back car park, driving along the back of the building.
  • We are near the end of the car park, 100 yards away
  • Drive slowly, past entrance C (we are now 50 yards away)

Sticking out into the car park is Unit 7 and above the '7' (look up) is "QUICKTEST"

  • ignore the roller shutters (unless you are delivering heavy goods)
  • ignore the first door (warehouse side door)
  • the next door is the office ('QUICKTEST' above door) - PARK HERE! If you get to the ramp you've gone 20 yards too far (but you may continue up the ramp and park anywhere).
  • If there's someone already parked outside our door, double-park and block them in, it's either a member of staff or someone who shouldn't be there.


There are no parking restrictions at the moment (September 2021) but the landlord plans to introduce a complicated scheme of parking restrictions and automatic fines, so please read any notices.


Click here to see the map. For directions once you get to the block scroll up to IF YOU ARE USING A SAT-NAV.


Find London. Now move your eye North West and find Watford. If you can see Harrow you're nearly there, if you're looking at St Albans, Hemel Hempstead or Amersham you've overshot. Have you found Watford? Now find Croxley - this is on the A412, west of Watford, half way between the centre of Watford and the centre of Rickmansworth. That is the location of the business parks.

If you have to stop and ask...

It is the double roundabout you are aiming for, especially the smaller of the two with the word CROXLEY around on it. If you have to stop and ask a local and they don't know where the business parks are, ask the way to the football stadium, then you will be getting close.

Landmarks on map:

  • bridge over the canal
  • new housing development, site of fire station until 2013, will still be marked Fire Station on older maps.
  • double roundabout.

Landmarks to ask for if you know think you are very close:

  • Harvester pub-restaurant (on the next roundabout towards Croxley)
  • Brewers Fayre / The Rising Sun / Premier Inn (all the same building) is by the short dual carriageway that leads into the business parks
  • Big Yellow Self Storage (next to The Rising Sun and the low bridge)
  • Royal Mail Delivery office (1/4 mile past Quicktest), ask a postman.

New Landmark 

  • Tower block, part of the 485-home Cortland estate, should be complete by 2023, might not be on your map yet.

What next?  For directions once you get to the block scroll up to IF YOU ARE USING A SAT-NAV.


Watford is inside the M25...but only just. The M25 loops tightly round three sides of Watford so please look at the map - if you approach from the South use Junction 17 or 18, if you approach from the North West or North use Junction 19 or 20, if you approach from the East use Junction 21a. We are approximately 4.5 miles from each of these junctions. Similarly, the A41 loops round two sides of Watford, look at the map or you could add 15mns to the journey. From the M1 leave at either Junction 5 or 6. From the A1(M) I suggest you leave at J3 onto A414 and follow the signs to the M1 (you will join M1 at J6 and leave it at J5) - but there are various other routes.

BY ROAD, FOR LOCALS (who don't need a map)

Do not confuse Watford Business Park with the industrial estates off Tolpits Lane. By car you cannot reach Watford Business Park from Tolpits Lane (though there is a footpath).

From Watford. Watford Business Park (adjoining Croxley Business Park) is best approached from the Rickmansworth Road, the double roundabout is the first roundabout after the underpass.

From Bushey via Bushey Arches or from Northwood via the NATO ('Warrior') base. Turn West into Deacons Hill / Wiggenhall Road, ahead at the lights, over the bridge at the lights, follow left into Vicarage Road, over the pedestrian lights, right at the traffic lights, road bends left, road bends right, ahead at mini roundabout, left into the main road at lights. You should now be in Whippendell Road. At the roundabout follow the signs to the Business Parks onto the dual carriageway.

From Rickmansworth via Watford Road. Aim for the roundabout after Croxley station.

From St Albans take the North Orbital then A412 / St Albans Road all the way. Alternatively take A411 / Hempstead Rd and join A412 / Rickmansworth Road at the Town Hall roundabout.

BY PUBLIC TRANSPORT (incl. walking/cycling from the stations)


There are two stations and they are in different parts of town: closest is Watford Underground (from Baker Street, 43mns) the other station is Watford Junction (from Euston, fastest train is 16mns, slowest is 1hr 10mns). Both stations are listed on the TFL (Transport for London) route-planner

Watford Underground (Metropolitan Line). Where is it? - see train map or street map. In a hurry?  See live train-arrivals information (Watford is the end of the line so you can board any train that has arrived). 

Watford Junction (London Overground and National Rail).  Where is it? - see train map or street map. In a hurry? See live train departures


Watford Underground (we say, "Watford Met." because it's on the Metropolitan Line). From Baker Street 43mns (also through-trains from the City at peak times). Providing you get a Watford train you can't get lost, Watford is the end of the line.

Then to get to Quicktest:

  • Cab (5mns): there's a cab office, turn right out the exit, it's by the side of the station.
  • Bus, W30 (10mns): bus stop by the station (on the same side as the station), it goes to our door every half hour in peak times.
  • Walking (20mns): scroll down for directions.

Watford Junction. Northbound from Euston: the fastest train by National Rail  takes 16mns, or there's a slow tray by London Overground (1hr 10mns), both go from the same group of platforms at Euston, just take the train with 2 or 3 stops rather than the train with 18 stops. Southbound: it's the line from Glasgow, Crewe and Birmingham.

Then to get to Quicktest:

  • Cab (10mns): turn right out of the exit.
  • Bus: turn left out of the exit (you'll see it, big bus station), the W30 (see timetable) goes to Watford Underground Station then to the Business Parks (and stops outside our block) every half hour in peak times. Failing the W30, it's best to go from the town centre: walk south down Clarendon Road (the road outside the station, 15mns) then get any bus from Stop D to the double roundabout at the entrance to the Business Parks, then it's a 15mn walk - all a bit slow and painful but the bus fare is £2 compared with £8.00 for a cab.  
  • Walking: fastest route 50mns, prettiest route 60mns: scroll down for directions.


Journey planner Hertfordshire
Journey planner Greater London (including Watford)
Bus map, Watford (pdf) (you might have to scroll down the map to find the town centre)
Live departure times (you have to search for a location first)
Where to board, town centre, including map (pdf)
Where to board (town centre)
Watford Junction, including map (pdf)
Bus timetables for all of Hertfordshire (pick a bus number).

BY FOOT and BICYCLE (detail)

From Watford Underground the walk takes me 20mns; my colleague says it takes him 18mns; if you walk very slowly it could take 25mns. By bicycle: 6mns.

Turn left out of the station (Cassiobury Park Avenue)
first left into Swiss Avenue
and at the junction follow the pavement to the left (Gade Avenue).

At the end*, turn right onto the main road, the Rickmansworth Road and cross at the pedestrian lights (turning right onto the pavement) towards the roundabout. 
* or you can cut the corner off by cutting across the green, just aim for the pedestrian lights.

You are half way there.

Follow the pavement to the left until you see a second roundabout, marked CROXLEY, a tower block (under construction 2021, due for completion by 2023). 

Cross the road (Whippendell Road) and aim for the tower block (cyclists join the cycle path here). Pass under the low bridge and past the tower block.

Fascinating facts: to your right was to be the new Ascot Road (Cassiobridge) Station, originally due to open in 2017, then postponed until 2020, then the entire project was abandoned. You will pass a new housing estate (in progress, 2021) then a new road junction and Morrisons (completed 2013). There is a cash point at Morrisons if you need it.

At the road junction you will see that straight ahead is a dead end (for traffic) and to your right is a roundabout.

By foot: aim for the roundabout (road sign reads BUSINESS PARKS)
and at the second roundabout follow the pavement round to the left (road signs reads WATFORD BUSINESS PARK).

By bicycle: instead of turning right towards the roundabout, continue ahead, alongside the edge of Morrisons. At the end of the road turn sharp right, through the posts (the side of the Renault garage will be on your left) to the end (200 yards) and turn left into the main road (Greenhill Crescent).

If you get this far and haven't seen a Renault garage and are not on an industrial estate, don't keep going, turn back to the junction of paths and try again.

You are now in Greenhill Crescent. Park House is the seventh building on your left if you are walking (or fifth if you followed the cycle path). For directions once you get to the block scroll up to IF YOU ARE USING A SAT-NAV

BY FOOT (from Watford Junction Station)

This is the way I go (47mns):
Turn left out of the station and stay on Clarendon Road (follow it to the right, looks like 'right fork' to non-drivers)
Over the small main road (St Johns Road); over the large main road (Beechen Grove)
and at the end turn left into High Street (pedestrianised).

First right into Market Street
Continue ahead at the crossroads
At the end turn right into Cassio Road
then immediately left, by Ikky's, into Victoria Passage.

Ahead at crossroads (school on right)
At the end follow the road right (no choice)
Left into Pretoria Road.
At the very end turn left into Chester Road.
Ahead at the crossroads (still Chester Road)
Ahead at the crossroads (becomes Belgrave Road)
At the end turn right into the main road.

At the mini roundabout turn left into Tolpits Lane.
At the pedestrian lights turn right into Croxley View.
At the sharp left bend (by No.166) turn right onto the footpath signed Watford Business Park.
At the junction of paths fork left towards the road (after 50 yards Renault will be on your left, if not, you've gone the wrong way) and at the end turn left into Greenhill Crescent. Park House (Flexspace) is the seventh building on your left. For directions once you get to the block scroll up to IF YOU ARE USING A SAT-NAV.

Here is a simpler (but longer, 25mns) route along the main road (A412 / St Albans Road - Rickmansworth Road):

Outside the station cross the road and turn right. At the lights at the BIG main road turn left (St Albans Road). You can't go straight ahead at the roundabout, so either follow the pavement to the left, cross at the lights and walk back, or you can cut the corner off like this: when you cross at the pedestrian light, continue ahead into Albert Road South (map); continue ahead (do not follow the road to the left) to the very end and turn right into The High Street. You will be by the ponds. No ponds? You are very close, don't just keep walking, ask someone! Past the ponds, keep left, turn left into the main road. The main road has now changed name to Rickmansworth Road. Over the cross roads (crossing Hagden Lane); turn left into Cassiobridge Road; at the end turn right (Budgens opposite) and cross the road; just before the roundabout turn left, past the big yellow building, under the low railway bridge (Ascot Road) and past the tower block. Ahead at the junction (dead end, by the side of Morrisons) and at the very end turn right towards the buildings of the industrial estate; turn left into Greenhill Crescent (Renault on the corner); Park House is the seventh building on your left. For directions once you get to the block scroll up to IF YOU ARE USING A SAT-NAV.

A variation (57mns) is to walk through the park, it's very pretty, if you like walking it's worth the extra 5mns:

Outside the station cross the road and turn right. At the lights at the BIG main road (road name opposite reads St Albans Road) cross the road and turn left.
After 5mns you will find that the underpass is in the way, so keep right parallel to the main road, cross The Avenue at the subway, as you leave the subway continue ahead to library (look up to your left), walk round the library to its main entrance and cross the road, continue to the main road, turn right (you're now back on the main road).

After 3mns the park will be on your right, just past the Colosseum between Peace Drive and Cassiobury Park Avenue. There are two paths into the park, take the left fork; turn left by the house with the picnic benches (Cha Cha cafe); ahead and turn right onto the road; Watford Metropolitan Line Station will be on your left, follow directions, above, from Watford Met. Line Station (for directions click here).

BY BICYLE (from both stations)

There's a good map of cycle paths, print it on A4 paper, Greenhill Crescent is 1.75 inches from the left and 1.5 inches from the bottom.

For Watford Junction Station follow the black railway line on the map, just North of the town centre. 17mns by the cycle route, 15mns along the main road.

From Watford Met. station (from the bottom left corner of the map look North, the second railway line shows Croxley then Watford Met.) the cycle journey is about 7mns. If you are nervous about negotiating a big roundabout, cycle to the end of Gade Avenue and across the green (Cassio Common), then cross the double roundabout on foot, then continue along Ascot Road.