Reviews of The Gold & Silver Buyer's Handbook by Raffi Katz

The Gold & Silver Buyer's Handbook

The Gold & Silver Buyer's Handbook

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A very useful and comprehensive reference tool for anyone involved in buying, selling or trading in precious metals.

Marie Brennan, The Birmingham Assay Office

"I think it's great that someone has picked up all those eclectic bits of information that have taken years to accrue and wrapped them into one small but perfectly formed package, it will save a lot of beginners a lot of time. We have started running a course for the many scrap dealers entitled - Buying Precious metals & how to avoid the Pitfalls - covering what appears to be just about everything that is in this book."

Dave Merry, Head of Assay Office Training, The London Assay Office

"A really fascinating book. I am doing the JET 1 course and am using the book as a reference guide, I have read the book twice and have already used it in a few assignments. Very informative, has definitely helped develop my knowledge of Hallmarks, testing, and where to buy is very interesting, brilliant!"

Rebecca T. Student

"The gold and silver buyer's handbook is a mine of useful information for the experienced or indeed the novice serious about dealing in precious metals. I have been involved in the jewellery trade for over 30 years and once I started reading this book I just could not put it down."

Michael Murphy, Baird & Co.

"I would describe this book as the Jeweller's Bible. All the information you need on testing and weighing gold & silver in an easily understood and detailed guide.'

Bridget, Lynco

"I found the book quite useful and I sold more than I had expected across the counter. Instead of standing there for an hour, I give them the book. It's a good reference, it answers the questions that an aspiring gold dealer would want to ask, very simple straight forward language, very easy to understand, not over-complicated. If one is dealing with the public, it is useful to have that knowledge...they need the information to hand. It's a good book, very good. A must-buy for both the novice and the serious dealer."

Michael Bloomstein, Bullion Dealer

"A must read for all those who buy or sell gold or silver. The amount of information in this book is staggering, answers nearly all the questions you may have on buying Gold and Silver plus much more. A truly invaluable book for Jewellers and general Antiques Traders."


 Author Raffi Katz
Format  Softback, 184 pages
Edition 2010 (revised 2011)
Publisher Quicktest
ISBN  978-0-9512095-3-0