Professional USB Microscope







Instead of an eyepiece there is a 'video eyepiece' that connect to a computer.

The software enables you to capture an image (take a photo), and you can also capture video.

The software is included but the computer is not.


Adjustable height + focus knob, zoom know gives continuous focus from 1X to 4X - normally that would mean "1X to 4X the magnification of hte objective lens". However, this arithmetic doesn't really work for a video camera because the image size depends on the monitor. Also, there is an extension tube that you can fit between the video sensor and the eyepiece tube which, I estimate, takes the magnification way beyond 40X. The resolution is 1280X1024 pixels.

The following images were captured directly from the microscope (i.e. they are not photographs of the computer monitor); the lady is Elizabeth, I found her on a postage stamp:






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