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TV glasses, bed glasses

TV glasses, 90 degree prism glasses

TV glasses, 90 degree prism glasses

Ref: bed-glasses

You lie on your back facing the ceiling, these spectacles enable you to look at a TV at the end of the bed.

Actually, it's more comfortable to prop yourself up on an elbo than to use these, but if you have to lie on your back (e.g. paralysed or recovering from a back injury) then this is a good idea, and they do (much to my amazement) work well. They do not, incidentally, magnify; if anything they make everything appear slightly smaller - but the image is exceedingly clear and crisp.

Price: 11.40 Including VAT


TV spectacles, Eschenbach

TV spectacles, Eschenbach

Ref: Esch-TV


Magnification / lens size in mm: 2X

Lens material: Plastic, small, very lightweight

Origin / brand: from Eschenbach, Germany

Presentation / extras: A padded zip case

{Applications / Quality}

Designed for watching Television, works as a distance lens (not for reading…though it wold be good for reading the newspaper of someone sitting opposite you on a train or bus). The ideal distance is 10ft, but you should find everything is in focus from about 3ft to 30ft. That means you can't use it for use with a computer monitor, you could use it at the theatre if you sat near the front of the stalls.

I tried this on our not-very-big TV and was quite stunned, it turned it into really large TV, it was quite amazing! But I don't need a magnifier to see the TV and found staring straight ahead through the TV-specs a little tiresome after a while; these are designed for someone who is visually impaired, so the choice will be between being able to watch TV or not being able to watch TV.


For the larger (heavier) inexpensive version see the standard TV spectacles

Price: 58.99 Including VAT


Optional extra, lens cleaner (safe on all lenses) £2.55 + VAT