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"Hedgehog" Reader for the Partially-Sighted


Price: 35.00 Including VAT


About 3.5X magnification. 4 inches across X 1.5 inches deep X 3 inches tall (unusual shape - that's why they call it 'the hedgehog'.

Read all about magnification and how to choose a magnifier, click here.

Save 20% if you are registered blind or partially-sighted, download a form here. (will open as a Word document).

Magnification / lens size in mm: 3.54X 100X35mm

Field of view: vertically, 3 or 4 lines; horizontally 6 or 7 words (one newspaper column).

Lens material: plastic

Origin / brand: imported by us from France.

Presentation: hard plastic case

{Applications / Quality}
Generally, these are for reading text on anything flat, e.g. a book, magazine or newspaper resting on a table; they are designed to rest on the page, to save you the effort of holding it above the text (which is very tiring if you're reading an entire book).

Specifically, an excellent magnifier for the partially sighted with various features. It's unusual shape is nice to hold; its 'legs' slot into the middle of a book so that you don't miss the words in the crease; it has a green guide-line to stop the eye from wandering; its unique properties 'gather' light to make the text appear bright. If you've been struggling with lesser magnifiers, this one will PROBABLY solve your problems.

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Need something MUCH more powerful? Try a small (pocket-size) general purpose magnifier, click here. But please do remember that the more powerful the lens, the smaller the field of view, so these small (pocket-size) magnifiers will show only one or two words at a time.