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How to test gold, videos click here.

We manufacture the Quicktest and Troytest gold testing kits. The basic gold test kits will also test silver; advanced kits test white gold, platinum, steel and palladium. Buy complete set. and refill bottles online here, or over the counter at most jewellery equipment wholesalers in the U.K. We also have the latest electronic gold testers.

We publish The Gold & Silver Buyer's Handbook and Cassiobury Walks.

We import diamond testers and gem testers; jewellers loupes, magnifiers and microscopes; hand tools for jewellery and horology. We publish The Gold & Silver Buyer's Handbook by Raffi Katz.

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There is no minimum order value and all business is welcome.

New Products

Polariscope, handheld, with built-in light

Puritest 6-bottle testeer

Folding magnifier with LED light

Pendant magnifier on cord

Largest hand magnifier with light

Finger sizers, metal, A to Z+6 (32 sizes) - no half sizes

Moissanite tester by GemVue

Any testing set available with glass bottles

Binocular headband magnifier, 5 lenses can be used singly or in pairs. Also an LED light.

Binocular headband magnifier, 4 lenses including 'visor' lens

500G / 0.01g, model ENVY

2000G / 0.1g, model ENVY

The extra (fifth) bottle for the TROY-5 tester, GLASS BOTTLE.

The extra (fifth) bottle for the TROY-5 tester, PLASTIC BOTTLE

Approved Scales (beam balance) + weights

Zenit-E with two lenses, case, original instructions

Second hand Auracle AGT1 electronic gold tester (deluxe model)

Tool set, small, in soft zip-pouch

Tool set, large, best quality

Tool set, large, basic quality