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Gold testing kits (complete sets, including Silver testers )

Acid testers are still the most accurate way of testing gold and other precious metals.

They are more accurate than electronic gold testers for testing for high-carat gold (14ct to 24ct).

They are also good at testing silver, white gold and platinum.

Electronic testers

Most electronic tester use acid as a contact fluid. Not the AG series - with the AGT and AGT2 it's just a salt solution.

Electronic testers are more accurate than acids when testing low-carat gold (8ct to 12ct). They cannot test silver.

The item must be filed, to remove any plating. This applies to all electronic testers of all makes, there are no exceptions.

Refill Bottles

- you will need the box (for safety) and the instructions (to tell you the reactions).

Specific gravity gold testers

It is possible to test for gold merely by weighing an item using a special kit, and doing some calculations. The only chemical involved is water.

Accessories, spare parts

Gloves, touchstones and other accessories.

Samples, Oe-offs

I like to buy samples. If they are good I do recommend them. If they are bad, I still need to sell them (I don't collect them!). But I do tell you exactly why I do not wish to sell these.


Gloves, goggles etc, for working with acids. The chemical testers contain mostly acid, the electronic testers have a contact fluid (or gell) made of acid. We do recommend the special acid-proof gloves; the goggles (or face-protector) are more 'optional'.

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