Video Microscope

Video Microscope



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A full-size microscope with an 8 inch monitor.

Continuous zoom from 1.8X to 55X *

Illumination can be from either above (you can see the light in the picture, behind the objective lens) or from below (the circle upon which the watch movement is pictured) or both. The brightness can be adjusted.

Additional controls are available electronically by using the menu on the monitor (e.g. contrast and colour) and you can also super-impose a graticule. There is also an output for a PC.

Mains-powered, bulb is 12V 10W G4 L13 , internal fuse is 250V 2A, F (=quick-blow).

The photos

The photos show the jewel in the regulator of a hairspring in a small watch movement. The entire movement is 20mm diameter. If you study the photos you can get an idea of the magnification.

At the same time, look at the monitor, notice that there's no loss of quality as the magnification increases.