TV spectacles by Quicktest

TV spectacles by Quicktest

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Pickup available from Quicktest (WD18 8JA)
Email us or call on 01923-220206 for appointment.


This is for 'medium distance' such as watching TV, especially for the partially-sighted. It can also be used for the far distance, e.g. theatre and sports events, very useful for those are seated a long way from the action (including those with normal sight). If you want one for close-up work (we have many models) click here.


Magnification: about 2X

Weight: 48g

Focus: each side focuses independently, so you can still use them even if each eye has a different prescription.

Accessories: sturdy cardboard box; lanyard (for hanging around the neck).


We always stress that if you have a problem with your eyes you must see an optician or eye doctor, if they say no magnifier will help your condition...then you have been forewarned.  This does not mean that a magnifier won't help, as shown by this email we received from a customer:

The TV lenses I ordered arrived safely, thank you.  I had an eye test but was told there was no point in new lenses but would need cataracts removed.  The waiting list is long, unfortunately.  I tried the TV lenses this morning, and am delighted to report that I now can comfortably watch television from my usual chair!  The optician did not recommend anything like your product.   

To see an article about magnifiers for the partially-sighted click here

If you want to know about macular degeneration in particular, click here.


Save 20% if you are registered blind or partially-sighted, download a form here (will open as a Word document).


As soon as you've placed the order, email us to SAY you will be filling in the form. Then we won't process the order until we have received it, and THEN, when we take the money from the card, we will deduct the VAT. 

If we already have the form from a previous order, simply tell us (there is no need to fill it in again).

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