Stereo zoom microscope, 3.5X to 50X

Stereo Zoom Microscope, 3.5X to 50X



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ITEM: Stereo zoom microscope (model LBX)

EYPIECES: 10X and 5X

OBJECTIVE LENSES (zoom) range:

- with the 5X eyepieces that gives a continuous zoom from 3.5X to 25X

- with the 10X eyepieces that gives a continuous zoom from 7.5X to 50X

WEIGHT: 4.5kg

DIMENSIONS: 430 x 350 x 275mm (17 x 13.75 x 10.75 in)


You will find that for working under, you will use between 3.5X and about 6X, you won't want to turn the magnification any highter - that's good for painting minatures, micro-soldering, watch reparing, very fine jewellery and porcelain repairing. 10X to 20X is as much as you need for stamps, coins, fabrics etc. As far as 'inspection' is concerned (stamps, coins, PCBs,) you are unlikely to use it at above 30X.

The most flexible lighting, a built in ring light (adjustable brightness) and a backlight under the stage. This means that not only is this suitable for repair and inspection work (as listed above) but also for looking at slides.

There is also a second stage (not shown in photos) which has one side black and one side white.

45 degree rotatable binocular head, working distance about 6 inches.