Postcard-Size Fresnel - 4 X5 inches (135X95mm)

Postcard-Size Fresnel - 4 X5 inches (135X95mm)

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About 2.5X magnification. 0.5mm thick (thin enough to be cut with a knife), postcard-size, about 4 X 5 inches (more precisely, 35 X 95mm).


A good handy size, also just right to use as a bookmark. And if you decide it's too big, just cut it smaller with a knife.


Magnification / lens size in mm: About 2.5X, 35 X 95mm.

Field of view: vertically, about a third of a page (of a paperback book); horizontally, nearly the width of a page (about two newspaper columns).

Lens material: plastic

Origin / brand: imported by us from China.

Presentation: it comes in its own clear plastic wallet.

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