Measuring magnifier with light and focus, lens is 8X23

Measuring magnifier with light and focus, lens is 8X23


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8X magnification, 23mm diameter lens.

With light and measuring scale


It's a little smaller (and far more powerful) than a reading magnifier, larger than a jewellers loupe, has space underneath to work with fine tweezers (like a small stand magnifier).

Measuring magnifiers are very specialist, and engineer's tend to use measuring microscopes. This is a cheap but effective option, you have to look hard to discern the tiny 0.1mm graduations but it is quite useable, and I do like the build quality, it does feel like an engineering tool and not a toy magnifier.

Nicely made, nice and solid.


Type: measuring magnifier

Magnification / lens size in mm: 8X25

Scale: 10mm / 0.1mm

Physical size: 5.5 X 2 X 2 inches

Lens material: plastic

Lens type: Single lens

Power: two AA batteries

Origin / brand: China

Casing: plastic

Finish: grey

Presentation / extras: printed cardboard box

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