Digital spring balance, 35Kg / 100g

Digital spring balance, 35Kg / 100g

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Pickup available from Quicktest (WD18 8PH)
Email us or call on 01923-220206 for appointment.


Weighs down to 100g and up to 35Kg (35Kg is about 1,000 ounces.)

Suitable for the approximate weighing of heavy sil

Wide handle, easy to grip when lifting heavy items.

It has special feature - when you lift the item you probably can't see the display, so the display will 'lock' as soon as the load has stabilised, then you can look at it at your leisure.

Guarantee, one year.

To read an article about weighing and weighing machines click here.

This weighing machine is not approved for use in trade, it must not be used for buying and selling. For approved scales click here.

Instead of a hook underneath, it has a strap with a quick-release clip.



SIZE: approx. 130 X 75 X 40mm (5 X 3 X 1.4 inches) plus the strap.

POWER: two AAA batteries


Click here for a summary of weights used for weighing gold and silver

Click here for an online conversion program

Bulk Orders

The "return any item you don't like, within 14 days" still applies, but if you return just some of a bulk order and what you keep doesn't entitle you to the bulk discount - we will allow for this when issuing the refund or sending alternative items.

If you request alternative items, postage is chargeable.

Confused? Then please email before returning part of a bulk order!

Reliability / Guarantee

Guarantee period: one year.

Returns rate less than 5%

Returns under guarantee: unless the fault is very simple (e.g. a flat battery) we will send you a new one. Please allow us a couple of days to verify the fault.


This weighing machine is not approved for use in trade and should not be used for buying and selling on a value-for-weight basis.

To see legal (approved for use in trade) balances click here.


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