Diamond - Moissanite tester by Presidium, model Adamas
Diamond - Moissanite tester by Presidium, model Adamas
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Diamond - Moissanite tester by Presidium, model Adamas



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Although expensive, this is one of the best on the market, it's the one to buy if you want 'the best' for use in all conditions, from working outdoors in the cold to working in the heat of tropical countries.

HOWEVER, if you are not going to be working in extremes of temperature, then I would recommend the SAM tester instead - and that is why this model is now only available to special order. You can see a very detailed breakdown of test results in my article about diamond-testing.  

Large super-clear bar of LCD lights shows Diamond, Moissanite, Simulant, Metal and Low batt.

Replaceable tip

Battery or USB power (USB cable supplied).

To see an article all about diamond testing click here. 



Very large 'bar graph' display, easy to see, see picture.


Dimensions: 8"X1½"X1" 190X38X28mm

Weight: 110g

Tip: can test stones down to 0.01 carat (1 point) in size; tip is replaceable if broken.

Operating temperature: recommended between 18 and 27 degrees C. (64 to 81 degrees F). But tests show it works fine down to 15 degrees C (50 degrees F.)


Power: three AAA batteries (supplied), or USB cable (supplied)

Warm-up time when switched on: 15 seconds if it's warm, 30 to 40 seconds if it's cool

Warm-up time between tests: 1 to 2 seconds

Power-saving: turns itself off if not used in 90 seconds

Low Battery: low-battery indicator


When connected to a computer, keeps a record of each test result.


Included is a special metal disc against which it can be calibrated. This ensures it's always working correctly. This also means you can calibrate it for hot climates (it will certainly be fine up to 27 degrees) or cooler climates (minimum 18 degrees, this being Presidium's idea of "cool"). 


Cardboard box, but it's a very posh cardboard box.

Stone-holder and calibration disc in main box, instruction book and USB cable in lid.

Batteries included. 

Guarantee / Reliability

Guarantee: one year

Returns rate: no returns so far. 

Accuracy:  for testing diamonds and Moissanite it's pretty close to 100%, but no tester in existence is guaranteed to give absolutely 100% correct readings every time!

For testing ruby and sapphire, if it reads ruby/sapphire there's a pretty good chance it's ruby or sapphire, but a lot of chrysoberyl and topaz will give the same reading as ruby/sapphire, as will some spinel. To see how the readings of gemstones overlap, see our chart.  



Even though it's not designed to work in the cold, it is by far the best of the multi-testers in 'cool' conditions (down to about 15 degrees C); if it's far too cold to work, it will simply fail to start up (I'm note sure if that is good or bad).  I love the huge bar of lights, very clear to see, and you can, with experience, see how fast the lights move, which makes it very obvious when you have a diamond, even in difficult conditions. Tests the tiniest stones, down to 1pt, smaller than any other tester.


The battery compartment cover is fiddly to remove, even when you know how to do it; the little rubber cover over the USB socket tends to fall off; although it's beautifully lightweight, it's large; it doesn't have a carrying case.  A total non-response indicates 'not diamond', you might be tempted to think it means the tester isn't working.


Technically it's the best of the multi testers; design-wise it's also the nicest despite some minor faults; if you want the overall best tester then this is the one to go for.

Is it worth the extra money (compared with other models)? I can't decide this for you. If jewellery is your business and you are turning over several thousand pounds per day, then this really is not a lot of money to spend on 'the best'. If your dealing in diamonds comprises boot sales plus little bit on eBay…then maybe not. 



All equipment and materials must be used in conjunction with the user's skill, knowledge and experience. Under no circumstances shall QUICKTEST be liable for direct or indirect loss sustained in connection with any item. It is your responsibility to regularly check equipment against known samples, to ensure that it is working correctly.