Salter brass spring balance for silver, 100oz Troy [F2-2]

Salter brass spring balance for silver, 100oz Troy [F2-2]

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** Clearance item ** 

English-made by Salter.  Troy ounces especially for weighing silver.

Capacity 3000g, marked to the nearest 25g
Capacity 100oz Troy, marked to the nearest ½oz.

Adjustable zero (e.g. hang a bag on it, set it to zero, pour the silver items into the bag).

Length of scale (with the markings) 190mm.
The brass barrel 255mm long by 15mm diameter.
Total length (including the loop and hook) 350mm.

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To read an article about weighing and weighing machines click here.


We have (at time of writing) four Salter brass spring balances. This item is one of the larger sizes pictured. You will not be getting all four.

Troy Ounces

This is the TROY ounce spring balance, popular with silver dealers. They* are difficult to find.

Do no confused these with the standard versions that weigh in pounds and ounces - they are not Troy ounces, they are OK for fishing or cooking, they* are most certainly not OK for weighing silver. 

* The Salter brass balances are more difficult to find than the silver dealers.


Why is this a clearance item?

Because it's a one-off secondhand item.  These haven't been made since the 1980s and are difficult to find in Troy ounces. 

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