Clock key / longcase winder

Clock key / longcase winder



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Size:8 CLOCKEY-GRAND-8 £5.00
Size:9 CLOCKEY-GRAND-9 £5.00
Size:10 CLOCKEY-GRAND-10 £5.00
Size:11 CLOCKEY-GRAND-11 £5.00
Size:12 CLOCKEY-GRAND-12 £5.00
Size:13 CLOCKEY-GRAND-13 £5.00
Size:14 CLOCKEY-GRAND-14 £5.00
Size:15 CLOCKEY-GRAND-15 £5.00
Size:16 CLOCKEY-GRAND-16 £5.00

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For longcase (Grandmother and Grandfather) clocks, to wind the weight up, which is why these come in larger sizes. Sizes 13 to 16

Not sure which size? Measure the edge of the winding peg and click here for a conversion chart.