Bookmark fresnel Magnifier

Bookmark fresnel Magnifier

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Pickup available from Quicktest (WD18 8JA)
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About 3X magnification. 0.4mm thick, overall 150 X 38mm, magnifying area 80 X 25mm.

Bookmark-size Fresnel.


Magnification: about 3X.

Size: overall 150 X 38mm, magnifying area 80 X 25mm.

Field of view: vertically, 5 to 6 lines; horizontally, about one 1.5 newspaper columns.

Lens material: plastic

Origin / brand: China, special 'job lot', only a few available.

Presentation: it comes in its very own cellophane pouch.

Further information

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Ask a Question
  • Can I use as adhesive on my credit cards? I have eyesight problem, need something magnifier adhesive sheet?

    You can use adhesive on the magnifier.  However, the magnifier must be held about 3 inches from the object, otherwise it won't magnify.  May people make themselves little stands. But if you glue it directly onto the credit card, it won't magnify.  Try a credit-card-size magnifier instead, and keep it in the wallet/pouch with the card.

    In answer to your question, can you use adhesive on a credit card? – if you do that, it won’t fit when you try to insert it into a card machine.