6000g / 0.1g HXT-6000 Table Balance

6000g / 0.1g HXT-6000 Table Balance



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A heavy duty mains-powered table balance (bench scale).

Suitable for weighing gold and silver, weighs up to 6000g and down to 0.1g (6000g is about 193oz). This is the highest capacity of all the gold scales.

To read an article about weighing and weighing machines click here.

This weighing machine is not approved for use in trade, it must not be used for buying and selling. For approved scales click here.


Heavy duty.

Backlit display.

Counting function



SIZE: Steel weighing platform 190 X 175mm (7.5 X 7 inches). Overall 190 X 230 X 75mm (7.5 X 9 X 3 inches)

POWER: mains only

CALIBRATION: requires a 2000g weight - details.


Click here for a summary of weights used for weighing gold and silver

Click here for an online conversion program


This is just the type of heavy duty table balance you need, perfect for the shop, but you need something that is approved (legal) for buying gold? See our standard gold balance, the Ohaus SJX1502M (1500g / 0.1g)

A high-capacity 0.1g balance is just what you need, but not so big, not so expensive, and it must take batteries? See the tbal-3Kg (1500g / 0.1g) (up to 3Kg) or See the WA-5000 (min. 0.1g, max 5000g, see product details).


This scale is guaranteed for 1 year.

The guarantee excludes:

- the fuse in the plug, please check this before spending money on postage.

The guarantee is invalid if there is:

- obvious damage, e.g. dents, holes, cracked casing, weighing platform loose.

- signs of 'foreign material'. That's anything that should not be there, e.g. residues of herbs, chemicals, spilt tea.


Inaccurate readings can usually be fixed by calibrating the scale, this is something you can do yourself if you have a 2Kg calibration weight. THIS IS NOT A FAULT, all electronic measuring devices need calibrating every now and again, see calibrating weighing machines. We can calibrate it for you, for free, if it is returned within one year of purchase; after that, there is a charge of £5.00 + £9.50 UK postage (heavy item).