5000g multi-range (down to 0.1g)
5000g multi-range (down to 0.1g)
5000g multi-range (down to 0.1g)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 5000g multi-range (down to 0.1g)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 5000g multi-range (down to 0.1g)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 5000g multi-range (down to 0.1g)

5000g multi-range (down to 0.1g)

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Ref: WA-500

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Small-ish table balance (bench scale).

Model: On Balance WA-5000

Suitable for weighing gold, and also silver up to 5000g (that's about 160oz)

Weighs in three stages (automatically): 1000g / 0.1g then (automatically) 3000g / 0.5g then (automatically) 5000g / 1g.

I like that. For gold you need to weigh down to 0.1g but you're unlikely to get 1000g of gold; for silver you only need to weigh down to 1g (actually, 0.5g with this scale) but you're not likely to get more than 3000g (96oz) of silver; for parcels or food you might need to weigh up to 5000g but you'd never need weigh fractions of a gram.

It's also water resistant and so is suitable for outside market traders (scales do not usually survive damp and drizzle!)...and you could take it home in the evenings and use it for food.

To read an article about weighing and weighing machines click here.

This weighing machine is not approved for use in trade, it must not be used for buying and selling. For approved scales click here.


Water resistant (suitable for outside market traders who work in rain and drizzle), it can even be hosed down (so it doubles as a food scale - and it can measure fluid ounces and millilitres).

Coloured backlight for check-weighing - set a weight range and then check to see if a given object is within that range (backlight turns blue, green or orange). For instance, you have a box of silver charms, you decide to sell all those that weigh between 1g and 5g at one price, and all those that weigh between 5g and 10g at another price. You don't have to note the weight of each item, you simply set the weight range and look at the colour of the backlight.

Counting function for items of uniform weight eg. pennies, screws

To read an article about weighing and weighing machines click here.



- 1000g / 0.1g

- then, automatically, 3000g / 0.5g

- then, automatically, 5000g / 1g

Also switchable to ounces (oz), pounds (lbs), fluid ounces (fl oz), and millilitres (ml)

Click here for an online conversion program


- with outer lid 205 x 140 x 45mm

- without lid same as above but only 35mm high

- weighing platform 120 x 128mm

POWER: 2 x AA batteries

CALIBRATION: requires a 5000g weight - details.

Click here for a summary of weights used for weighing gold and silver

Click herefor an online conversion program


This scale is guaranteed for 3 years (postage charged after 1 year, proof of purchase required after 2 years).

The guarantee excludes:

- flat batteries. New batteries will be charged at £5.00 plus £6.50 for return postage (UK).

- if you lose the battery compartment cover (sorry, we don't have spares)

The guarantee is invalid if there is:

- obvious damage, e.g. dents, holes, cracked casing, weighing platform loose.

- signs of 'foreign material'. That's anything that should not be there, e.g. residues of herbs, chemicals, spilt tea, corrosion from leaking batteries.


Inaccurate readings can usually be fixed by calibrating the scale, this is something you can do yourself if you have 5Kg of weights.. THIS IS NOT A FAULT, all electronic measuring devices need calibrating every now and again, see calibrating weighing machines. We can calibrate it for you, for free, if it is returned within six months of purchase; after that, there is a charge of £5.0


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