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Pesola spring balances


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PESOLA are Swiss manufacturers of high-precision spring balances. PESOLA balances are accurate, have easy-to-read markings, a smooth zero-adjustment and long-lasting rust-proof springs. Prices: £40.00 to £90.00 each.

You now have a choice:

- buy from Pesola directly, you must pay in Swiss Francs or US Dollars, then pay the duty + VAT upon import (+ the courier's handling fee). If you are buying for a company that imports goods, you don't need us, just follow your usual procedure
- we can import them for you.

Email us the model number(s) you require (from the Pesola web site), we invoice you then you pay then we order them.

The prices, from us, are the same as listed on the Pesola web site (you'll have to convert their prices to pounds).

This may not be worthwhile for just one balance, but if you're ordering a few (e.g. one for each shop or department) then the average price comes down dramatically.


- the accuracy (that means how 'true' the reading is, not be be confused with 'readability') of Pesola balances as good or better than any small digital balance

- they are more reliable than digital balances, there are no batteries to go flat, and they don't break if you drop them

- they are far smaller and neater to carry around that the equivalent digital balance

- they are particularly good for weighing bags-full of items, e.g. hook it onto an empty bag, set the scale to zero, pour in all the bits of scrap

- there are many specialist applications. For measuring infusion dosage (medical), grammage (paper), yarn density (textiles), rigging tension (sailing), contact pressures (electronics), spring pressure (e.g. door-closing springs), small live animals (there's a special holder), or for objects that are simply too large to fit on the weighing platform of an electronic balance.


No, you haven't! But there are copies. We sell them (Penscale), two sizes, 20g and £4.90 including VAT (about a tenth of the price of a Pesola balances!). The disign is identical to Pesola, but they are branded MyWeigh.

PROS (compared with Pesola)

- they are a tenth price of Pesola
- despite all the 'cons' listed below, if you want the most senstive spring balance at the cheapest price, you can't really go wrong for £4.90.

CONS (compared with Pesola)

- the markings aren't as easy to read
- the springs are not rust-proof, if they get slightly damp they go rusty and jam up
- the springs are not as sturdy, you must take care not to over-stretch them
- the 'tare' (you turn the top loop to adjust the zero) doesn' work well enough to hang a bag then set the marker to zero
- that same zero adjustment (the top loop) tends to be sticky and you will probably dismantle the mechanism by accident
- supplied in a cellophane pouch instead of a plastic case, and the outer box made of such thin cardboard that it looks tatty even when new
- the box is marked, "30 Year Guarantee", we offer a 30 day guarantee (excludng rust or over-stretching).