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Page-size magnifier, handheld + stand + hangs around neck

Page-size magnifier, handheld + stand + hangs around neck

Ref: Fres-A4-stand


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Page-size flat magnifier in frame, with fold-out legs that make it a 'stand magnifier' and a cord to make it a 'hang-round-the-neck' hands-free magnifier.

2.5X magnification.

Lights powered by batteries or from any USB source.

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The Fresnel lens is made of very thin (completely flat) plastic which makes it lightweight yet large enough to cover an entire page.

Lightweight enough to use as a general purpose handheld magnifier; legs fold out to use as a stand magnifier for reading; cord to hand round neck to use as a hands-free magnifier for crafts.

Under the frame is a rim of LED lights, they can be set to 'bright' (best for reading if you have very poor sight) or 'dim' (for not disturbing your partner in bed, or for reading a map in the car without disturbing the driver). The lights are powered by batteries or from any USB source with the USB cable supplied.

Magnification, 2.5X

Size of lens 240 X 160mm

Overall size
- as a handheld magnifier (folded): 300 X 200 X 15mm
- with legs folded out, as a stand magnifier: 300 X 200 X 110mm
- length of cord (to hang round neck as a hands-free magnifier) 1000mm

Weight 270g

Lights: 12 LED lights. Two settings, dim and bright.

Power: 3 AAA-size batteries (supplied) or USB (from any computer, mobile device or USB mains adaptor), cable supplied.

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