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Books (binoculars - spectacles - monacles)

Military Binoculars Book by Hans Seeger

Military Binoculars Book by Hans Seeger

Ref: binbk


Title: Binoculars for Land, Air and Sea (but known as the military binoculars book by Seeger)

Author: Hans Seeger

Format: hardback

Edition: 4th, extended and revised

Other: 540 pages, 900 photographs and illustrations


For anyone who has an interest in binoculars, who collects them, deals in them, or who simply wants to buy a pair, this book is an absolute 'must'. Not only is it a most impressive coffee-table book but it has contributions, both academic and photographic, from nearly every binocular expert in the world.

The text is about 80% German and 20% English, though the 900 photographs have descriptions in English (often two or three paragraphs).

This book is vital for anyone who wishes to identify binoculars, date them, find out what they were used for, when and where they were used, and see what they should look like in perfect condition and complete with box, tripod, cradle and accessories. It is THE book of binoculars, whenever we traders discuss a binocular on the telephone we say, "Which page is it featured on in the SEEGER book?"

Price: 75.00


Zeiss Binoculars 1894 to 1919 by Hans Seeger

Zeiss Binoculars 1894 to 1919 by Hans Seeger

Ref: Binbk-zeiss-1

Zeiss Feldstecher, Handfernglaser bon 1894-1919

THE authoritative book on handheld Zeiss binoculars, by the world-leading binocular expert Hans Seeger.

Over 850 pages with many hundreds of colour photographs, charts and technical diagrams, and as if that isn't good value for money, consider the weight: 3.3Kg.

Please note, it's in German.

Price: 99.00


Zeiss Binoculars 1919 to 1946 by Hans Seeger

Zeiss Binoculars 1919 to 1946 by Hans Seeger

Ref: Binbk-zeiss-2

Zeiss Binocular History 1918 to 1946

or to be more precise:
Zeiss Handfernglaser 1919-1946
Modelle - Merkmale - Mythos

by Hans Seeger

920 pages, 3000 illustrations.

ISBN 978-00-049464-2

Contains all the highly interesting models of WWII, with facsimile prints of original documents.

One chapter is in English but most is in German.

Price: 115.00


Spectacles, lorgnettes and Monocles (Shire Book)

Spectacles, lorgnettes and Monocles (Shire Book)

Ref: bk-specs

The Shire book of Spectacles, Lorgnettes and Monocles by D C Davidson and R J S MacGregor.

An illustrated history from the 17th to 20th centuries.

This is a very low value item. We have a minimum order charge of 7.50 (6.25 + VAT). Is this the only item you require? You may wish to buy more than one, or add some other items to the order.

Price: 4.50


Binoculars and People

Binoculars and People

Ref: binbk-2

Softback, 208 pages. 1st Edition, 2008

The most enticing book I have ever seen about binoculars, beautifully written and illustrated. The theme of the book is very much (I paraphrase) - binoculars are for people, they have personal meaning, they tell their own story about their owners and about the history of leisure and war.

Subjects covered are: History, Search & Rescue, Military, Astronomy, Nature, Entertainment, Choosing and Repairing, Collecting.

In addition to the main text, each chapter has shaded sections - some for technical information and some with personal stories about binoculars. So you can read this book at whichever level you wish.

Price: 20.00