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Zoom microscope, 3.75X to 36X

Zoom microscope, 3.75X to 36X

Ref: micr-zoom-ztxe

Price: 259.00 (Including VAT)


Working distance about 4 inches.

This comes with two pairs of eyepieces:
With the 5X eyepieces you get continuous zoom from 3.75X to 18X
With the 10X eyepieces you get continuous zoom from 7.5X to 36X

You will find that for working under, you will use between 3.55X and about 6X, you won't want to turn the magnification any highter - that's good for painting minatures, micro-soldering, watch reparing, very fine jewellery and porcelain repairing. 10X to 20X is as much as you need for stamps, coins, fabrics etc. As far as 'inspection' is concerned (stamps, coins, PCBs,) you are unlikely to use it at above 30X.

There is a backlight under the stage (so you use the microscope in the traditional way, for looking at slides) and also a 45 degree light. A switch selects one or the other...or both...or none.

Dimensions: 400 x 330 x 145mm (15.75 x 13 x 5.75 in)