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Stereo Zoom Microscope, 7X to 45X

Stereo Zoom Microscope, 7X to 45X

Ref: micr-bm400a

Price: 249.50 (Including VAT)



ITEM: Stereo zoom microscope.

Included is an LED ringlamp (it fits around the objective lenses).


OBJECTIVE LENSES give continuous zoom from 7X- to 45X.

OTHER: Working distance 100mm, angle of viewing 45 degrees, zoom ratio 1:6:4


DIMENSIONS: 470 x 380 x 200mm (18.5 x 15 x 7.75 in)


Lenses are high quality - good contrast, flat field, very sharp image. Working distance 4 inches (10cm). Continuous zoom from 7X to 45X when used with the eyepieces provided. Lower magnifications (7X to 10X) can be used for working under, and higher magnifications (11X to 45X) can be used to inspect coins, stamps, gemstones...though you will find that you will rarely turn it above 30X.

The ring lamp is adjustable in brightness. We used this ourselves for a few months, hence it is 'second hand' even though we have never sold it. There is a fine (and small) crack in its plastic casing around the light. This is a very effective (and expensive!) light source. The microscope is brand new, boxed, never used.