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Tardy Book of International Hallmarks

Tardy Book of International Hallmarks


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International Hallmarks on Silver collected by Tardy (more commonly know as The Tardy Hallmark Book).

These are new, these are original, these are the English-language editioin (most Tardy books are in French).


CONTENTS: World silver production, cleaning, alloys, monthly prices.

This is the only book of marks for the entire world, not to be confused with standard hallmark books which only cover Britain and Ireland.

There are 381 pages of marks by country (alphabetically). There are also 94 pages of marks in picture order (e.g. your mark is a castle, you go to the page of castle-pictures) which is very clever, since seeing a mark does not tell you whic country to look up!


Author: Tardy

Format: softback, 540 pages

5th Edition, 2014