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Diamond Selector Diamond Testers, made in China

Diamond Selector Diamond Testers, made in China

Ref: dt-ds


Gem ID Book (£25.00 instead of £29.50) - £ 25.00

Add basic Moissasnite tester £23.50 instead of £26.50 (Moiss2) - £ 23.50 incl. VAT

Price: 23.50 (Including VAT)



An 8-segment LED indicates diamond or not diamond.

Battery (supplied)

To read the article about diamond testing,


8-segment LED display (turns blue and bleeps on diamond).


Dimensions: 6¼"X1½"X¾" 155X38X20mm

Weight: 105g

Tip: can test stones down to 0.03ct (3pt) in size, smaller if you have good eyesight and a steady hand.

Operating temperature: recommended between 18 and 27 degrees C (64 to 81 degrees F)


Power: one PP3 battery (supplied)

Warm-up time when switched on: 30 to 40 seconds

Warm-up time between tests: 5 to 10 seconds


Carrying case.

Battery included.

{Guarantee / Reliability}

Guarantee: one year

My best estimate is that this one will give the correct reading about 80% to 85% of the time at room temperature. To see how this compares with other "Diamond Selector II" diamond testers click here.

This is an awful lot better than the very cheap Diamond Selector II testers, but it's still the "bargain basement" of diamond testers, you will not get the consistency or reliability of better testers.


Not all DIAMOND SELECTOR II diamond testers are the same, for details click here.


It doesn't cost much, and it's made with good quality electronic components, unlike the very cheap versions of Diamond Selector II models you see on the internet, so there's a good chance it will last beyond its 1 year guarantee period. I would guess that you will get a correct result about 80% of the time (maybe 85%). That's good - it's dramatically better than the identical-looking Diamond Selectors you see on eBay and Amazon.


My best estimate is that it will give the correct reading about 80% of the time, maybe 85% (providing it's room temperature) - for details click here). Although this is better than the very cheap Diamond Selector II models you see on eBay and Amazon…it's not very good!

A chart of figures is printed on the tester, showing you how to set the sensitivity, this can be a little confusing if you're easily confused by charts of figures.

This is a diamond-only tester, it will not test Moissanite, that means that a Moissanite will show up as 'diamond' on this tester.


If you are new to gemmology I recommend the book Gem Identification Made Easy. Not only is this a good guide to gemstones, it also has details of every gem tester, including hints, tips and advanced instructions. For more details of this book, click here - special discount price if you add a book when buying this item.

Not as detailed, but good guide to gemstones, beautifully illustrated, is Gemstones.