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Single Eyeglass with L.E.D. light, 6X mag. (lightmag)

Single Eyeglass with L.E.D. light, 6X mag. (lightmag)

Ref: EG-L-6X


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20mm diameter glass lens and an adjustable L.E.D. light, choice of two magnifications, 6X.

At first I was dubious about these - would the light be a gimmick, totally unnecessary if you are working under a good light? Then, when I used one, I was most impressed. Yes, your bench light is fine when working on the top of a movement, but useless the moment you tilt the movement to see underneath the plates. The light on the loupe solves this problem; it is very bright, it actually points in the right direction, and it is so lightweight that you don't even notice it.

Read all about magnification, size and working distance, click here

This is a very low value item. We have a minimum order charge of 7.50 (6.25 + VAT). Is this the only item you require? You may wish to buy more than one, or add some other items to the order.

We also wholesale these, genuine wholesale enquiries welcome. Email your details (including your website) to Minimum wholesale quantity 24. Sold in packs of 12.