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Professional polishes (5 grades)

Professional polishes (5 grades)

Ref: Luxi


Four grades £ 1.54 incl. VAT

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GREY: extra coarse grade for badly scratched hard metals (but not gold or silver); particularly good for steel, rough castings or badly corroded antiques. £5.00

YELLOW: coarse grade, scratch-remover for 'hard' metals such as copper alloys (including brass and bronze), and chrome. Also good for the final polish on platinum. £6.50

BLUE: medium grade, removes scratches on gold and silver, good for the final polish on harder metals. Will also remove fine scratches in glass (a clean alternative to rouge). £5.50

RED: similar to rouge, but ‘clean’ (doesn’t stain). For the final polish on gold and silver. Also removes fine scuffs (though not any scratch deep enough to feel with a fingernail). £9.50

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