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Presidium electronic gold tester

Presidium electronic gold tester

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Price: 148.99 (Including VAT)



The smallest, neatest, easiest-to-use electronic gold tester.

These are samples from the Presidium factory. We have tested them dozens of items. Our conclusion is that for the most part it tests 9ct to 14ct OK; from 14ct to 18ct it's not very accurate; above 18ct it is so bad that the readings should be ignored.

That's not the way it was meant to be!
This model was designed to work up to 24ct.
But it doesn't quite work.
Hence: special clearance price.


80 X 130 X 25mm, far smaller and neater than the GemOro testers.

Non-toxic contact fluid. Refils available, no problem.

Clear menu on the LCD display, easy calibration, the gold calibration sample is fixed onto the machine so you don't have to buy one.

Presidium say they will continue to manufacture the refill tubes of contact fluid.

Powered by four AAA batteries or a USB power source (cable included).

One feature I particularly like is that the display shows how many tests remain until the fluid is used up. Three tubes of fluid are included with the tester, enough for the first 600 tests.


One year guarantee.

Presidium are very good with their guarantee, they can usually help us fix problems over the telephone; if an item really is faulty they will replace or repair it without quibble, so we are happy to recommend their products. With this particular item, no refunds, repairs or support is available regarding testing items above 14ct (it really isn't very accurate) and for testing above 18ct it is completely useless.


No toxic chemicals involved, no restrictions on export.