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Page Light (lightmag)

Page Light (lightmag)


Price: (4 or fewer items) 7.50 Including VAT
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Price: (10 or more items) 8.52 Including VAT


Illuminated area measures 220mm X 140mm (9 inches X 5.5 inches).

A page of light, NO magnification but an ingenious design. tiny LED lights inside the plastic use the principle of internal reflection to 'seep' the light out evenly over the entire area. Simply place it on your book or map, and it's as if the paper itself lights up.

It is especially good for a passenger who is map reading in a car, it doesn't dazzle the driver. In fact, the driver is hardly aware of it at all. Similarly, for reading in bed without disturbing your partner.

{The Story}
I remember when these were first invented in the 1970s, I was in my teens and it was featured on the BBC's Tomorrow's World, but they weren't actually on the market.

I wrote to a large 'gadget' mail order company and suggested they sell them, and in return I got a standard letter saying that they had tried them but without success and weren't interested...and three months later it appeared in their catalogue (I think they were £17.50).

Then they seemed to disappear forever, and I have always thought: it's such a wonderful idea, why doesn't anyone make them?

It's now forty years later and I'm nearly grownup and I import optics. And here it is!

Availability: we import these, we usually have between 'several' and 'several dozen' in stock.

Minimum wholesale quantity: 20
Pack size: packed individually

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Payment by cheque or bank transfer.
There is a flat-rate postage charge (on UK wholesale orders) of £10.00 + VAT